Monday, June 8, 2009

My Latest Target Trip

Ok, I haven't taken pictures of my shopping trips in A LONG TIME...but this one was fun-so I had to share.

I got:
1 Jumbo Pack of Pampers- on clearance for $4.54
used $2 Target coupon and $1.50 Man. coupon...
$1.04!!!! For Pampers!

1 Febreeze Noticeables Air Freshener $4.99
Used $4 off coupon

Arm and Hammer Spray Cleaner-on clearance for $1.37
Used $1 off coupon

5 Glade Candle Tins $1.67 each
Used $1.50 coupons on each one
$0.17 each!

Renu Travel size Contact Lens Solution $1.52
Used $1.00 coupon

2 Soft Soap Ensembles $6.00 each
Used coupons mentioned in previous posts
$2.00 each + I got a $5 giftcard!

My grand total was....$9.07!

Plus I got a $5 giftcard to use on my next purchase!

Fun, fun, fun!

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