Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I need feedback.

So, I have been doing this blog for over a week now, and I would love to get some input on what everyone likes/ dislikes. I don't want to needlessly ramble about things that no one cares about. Have any of my posts helped you? Have you printed any of the coupons I posted? Sent away for any freebies?
I need feedback! Let me know! Leave a comment, you don't have to sign up for Blogger, just leave a comment and put your name in the comment.


Sue said...

try some comparison shopping for us Wally World shoppers, and try to get info on how to save big on baby stuff like diapers!!!

sammybaby said...

I LOVE your blog & have it saved to my favorites! I've also passed your blog to co-workers & friends. You have awesome tips & very wide variety of coupons anyone can use... thank you for taking time to share your knowledge :-)

beth said...

I'm a little behind on your request for feedback - but here is mine! I love the coupons - well, and the freebies, too. But, especially the coupons.

Doing a great job! I love visiting your site.