Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Fantastical Target Trip Today!

I know you are asking yourself..."Did she REALLY take pictures of everything she bought at Target today?" Yes I did. Have your laugh.
So how much did I pay for all of that lovely stuff?

My total before coupons was$73.84.

My total after coupons...$31.54!!!!

That is over 50% off!

Some highlights...

First the free stuff:
1 Bag of cat litter (it looks like rabbit food!?! I hope that the cats will go in it)
2 bags of carrots-using the printable Target coupon
2 Vaseline lotions- combined a $1.50 Target coupon w/ a $1.50 man. coupon
Kids Crest toothbrush and trial size kids toothpaste
2 Revlon nail clippers- I actually made $0.22 on these...
2 @ $2.39 each
-$3.00 off of 2 Target coupon
-$1.00 man. coupon
-$1.00 man. coupon
= $0.22 overage!!!

Great Deals:
$3.29 7lb bag of Good Life Dog food- $2 Target coupon & $2 man. coupon
$0.94 Carnation Instant Breakfast- $1 Target coupon & $2 man. coupon
$0.29 Pizza Rolls -$1 Internet printable
$3.00 TGI Friday's Skillet Meals- Reg price $6.99...on sale for $6.00-$2.00 Target coupon & $1.00 man. coupon

I also bought diapers and flushable wipes (with coupons) and some other basic food items, so for $30 it was a great trip!

Everybody get out there and get your free carrots! You can get as many as you want! Make carrot cake, pot roast,how about some spinach dip!
I am going to buy more and freeze them!

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